Req. pricing for Enterprise Standard and Enterprise Plus

We are planning to purchase app sheet Enterprise Standard or Enterprise Plus. So kindly share the pricing for the app purchase.

Please contact for help with this.

I’d be happy to answer your questions about the Enterprise plans, Javed! Can you email me your availability over the next two weeks at

Looking forward to chatting!

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I’m also interested in Enterprise pricing and just sent you and email. If you’re no longer a resource for pricing, please let me know.


Can you help me with a question …

  1. If I buy one or four licenses of Enterprise Plus, I configure it to work with GCP at full functionality, Apigee and all the elements that Appsheet Enterprise Plus has …
  2. I add Okta and Governance policy enforcement to say a few in order to control the access of my users (within my company and domain)
  3. I publish the applications (Workflow approval, inventory, control in the field, etc)
  4. Almost all of my users have Google WorkSpace Plus, that is, appsheet core … another have Workspace Business and others only have a cell phone that we use with other non-code web apps. in total we are more than 1200 active

a) Do they all need a license?
b) If I spend Enterprise Plus and spend 50 USd to publish it, can I segregate my users?
c) How can I incorporate the largest number of users?
d) What licenses should the users who only interact with dynamic email have and those who only use the apps that the team creates.

Sorry if the question is confusing but I think that if perhaps it was explained better on the appsheet page I would not ask this.

Waiting for help

Hi Cristobal,

See below answers:

a) All of your users will need to have the same AppSheet plan. So you would need 1,200 AppSheet Enterprise Plus user licenses (whether internal or external user licenses tbd). Your users with Google Workspace Enterprise Plus (and therefore AppSheet Core as part of that subscription) would be eligible for a discount to upgrade to the AppSheet Enterprise Plus, but the other users would not.

b) I’m not sure I understand this question. What are you referring to with the $50 cost to publish your app?

c) I’m not sure I understand this question either. What do you mean incorporate the largest number of users?

d) As stated in my response above to a), at the moment all your users would require the same plan.


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