Request: Appsheet Add-On Store

Hi! I am not too familiar with integrations. I do know, however, that google spreadsheets has helpful add-ons, google forms does, and does. I think it would be cool if AppSheet built an add-on store, so that users may be able to “Create their own feature”, and share it with other users. In no way do I expect this, but I would just like to put it out there, because I think it would really help widen the lane for possible app uses for all users. I am impressed with how much AppSheet gives consideration to their users’ feature requests, but there is a limit. This would, I think, be helpful.

But again, maybe this is the same thing as API integrations? If it is, would you mind guiding me to where to learn more about what kinds of API integrations are out there? Thanks! I tried looking this up on documentation, but I didn’t quite get a good explanation from API: The Essentials. What is API? Thanks!