Request Cancelled

Has anyone seen this type of error previously?

Request cancelled: took too long to process: Executing function batch: SELECT 0 of 9
Request cancelled: took too long to process: Executing function batch: SELECT 0 of 1


I have been in touch with support but just wnated some other users feedback on this.

I’ve not seen this. What were you doing when you encountered these errors/

Just opening the app, this has been happening all day today and as I said have been in touch with support but no resolve yet.

Its been a mix of different errors coming up but this one above is new and I don’t understand the meaning behind it and whether there is something I can do to resolve

I’m afraid I have no insight. Support is definitely better equipped to help you than I. :frowning:

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Might be related but any actions I’ve taken to navigate to my account/my team or any new page from those has been taking an absurd amount of time today for no apparent reason, only appsheet has been slow. Gmail, YouTube,news sites, and the forum have been fine. Even got a response took too long error once.

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Thank you Sarah, Austin. Engineering is looking into it now.
Austin can you confirm if your datasources are Microsoft 365? It looks like the common pattern for everyone reporting delays today…

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I’m starting to see intermittent errors saying "Error:
“Unable to add/edit/delete row in table ‘Timekeeping_App_Launcher’. → Unable to obtain access token lock for user ‘xxxxxx’”

At least 2 different users in two different apps.

These errors prevent syncing and I’ve seen them in at least two different apps so far. Office 365 is only being used for a couple of report templates. @TDhers

These are not in app delays only in website(?), whenever I’m interacting with the my account and my team tabs it is super slow, app saves in the editor are taking a bit longer but maybe only 15-30 seconds instead of 10-15? We use google for our authentication and AWS MySQL databases for all of our data-connections.

Follow along this thread for info Possible outage

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Hi Conor, I suspect this is still related to your Office365 data source. That error message comes from us trying to refresh the access token (what allows AppSheet to access your O365 resources) and failing to do so.

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Hi Praveen, good to know! Thank you for the clarification.

Conor, from what I see, your app should be working again now. Could you confirm please? Thanks

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Yes I just made a change and synced successfully.

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