Request: Choose only certain authentication domains

I would love to be able to filter the possible authentication domains. Right now, there are 6 (I think) options.

All of my 9 users use Microsoft 365, but I am the only one using google. However, all of my users also have dropbox accounts in the same email name, and often log in with dropbox by mistake.

Instead of choosing only one domain, or all domains, I wish that I could choose a certain custom number of them, so the only possible log in options that my users and I would see are Google and Microsoft.

Thanks for your consideration!

Reasonable request.

Can I ask what is the problem though if your users login with the “wrong” domain?


I get charged twice on my bill because it creates another user Id, although AppSheet has been pretty helpful in refunding when this occurs.

Yes that’s the challenge because even the email address is the same, they are identified as different user because provider is different.


Oh I see, that is no good.

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That’s why it would be great to limit the choices, so my users don’t see “Dropbox”. My users are not the best with technology either, and I don’t want to remind them too often that they shouldn’t use Dropbox.

Thank you!

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I still would love to see this feature implemented. My users are continuing to have difficulties logging in, and it would be much less confusing for them if they only saw 2 options. Thanks!