Request for add on feature

I wanted to know if this is already in place or if not - maybe it could be an added feature.

I have many reports that i built (a report is built for every 15 minutes to fire when a change has happened in the data table).

My question is - can i build in my app (so i can add from my device while inside the app) a way to add, edit delete those reports?

So i want to download the app i built on to my device - and i want to be able to make changes to those reports. But i do not want to have to go to the actual appsheet platform.

This statement makes me think you want to be able modify the report workflow somehow.

Can you elaborate? Do you want to add, edit or delete the GENERATED report? Or are you looking for some way to change the report workflow criteria from inside the app?

I want to be able to make changes to the generated report config within my app:

For example here-

Not here:

I wanted to also say this. No one downloads nor uses the app. It is only used to auto generate emails. I am the only one with this app.

Firstly, AS A SIDE NOTE, are you aware that you can actually access the AppSheet editor from a mobile device?

Continuing on…just to clear up some terminology…

To me, a GENERATED report is the file produced by AppSheet and is saved in some server location like Google Drive OR attached to an email to be sent to a user.

But it doesn’t seem that is what you are referring to.

I DO understand that you want to make the change inside of the app itself and not have to go to the AppSheet editor to make changes.

What I am still not clear on is WHAT you want to change.

Can you give an example of what kind of change you want to make from the app?

I guess i really don’t know the terminology very well. But these are the configurations i would like to be able to change inside my app - not the editor…

The terms are not official, I just wanted to be sure we were talking the same thing.

I do understand now and unfortunately, we do not have a way from within the app to access those properties to change them.

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