Request for pricing never answered

I requested pricing for AppSheet for a non-profit College to use internally to manage curriculum (but not just for teaching AppSheet). I have been unable to receive any response from Google or AppSheet. I filled out a request here: AppSheet Pricing)

We are already a Google Apps Education for Enterprise client.

Who should I be contacting to receive a response?


Took me a minute to find it - like 5 pages until I found the appropriate link.

(Found on this page and no where else???) @JCadence


Hey @Josh_Blumberg I might be able to help you with a few things here.

The correct form to complete would be the below form. I’m not certain where the @MultiTech_Visions was able to source the other. That form was deprecated some time ago, we’ll check to see what’s happening on that front.

Second, I would be more than happy to help you with your google rep for this. If you can send me a private DM with additional information about your account, I can assist a bit better. I’ll need your company, rep name, etc.


Thanks so much for the fast response. I submitted the form and will DM as needed.