Request: Not automatically add new column to slices

I have 25 different slices that pull data from a table, but they all use different variations of all the columns in the table. Sometimes, I want to add a column to only 1 slice, but when I regenerate, it adds it to all of the slices. This is very time consuming to go back in and delete. I wish there was an on-off switch in “options” saying “Automatically add new columns to slices after table regeneration?” Thanks!

I feel your pain. I just spent way too much time removing the same two new columns from every slice.

This is only a minor inconvenience with a small number of slices, but in larger apps it’s pretty annoying. The problem is compounded by the fact that the editor lags and scrolling gets jumpy when you edit a slice with a large list of columns.

It’s already a chore to go clean up all the slices, but it really sucks when every click to remove a column makes the page jump or lag before updating- then your next click hits the wrong target when the page jumps. :frowning:

Yes, I have the scrolling and jumping problems as well. I have 40 slices from 1 table and when I add a column, I only want it to show in 1 slice

Aside from aesthetics, why do you want the extra columns removed from the slices?

This behavior has the direct effect of adding those columns to ALL FORMS based on those slices.

Suddenly every form for that table has unintended questions on it that weren’t supposed to show on that form and you have to go clean everything up!

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Because it makes it painful to add columns when you have to delete it from 39 slices per added column

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So aesthetics?

Why do you want he columns removed?

Oh, didn’t understand your question. My table is divided up by column A value. When I add a column, it is a survey question like “holes in bread?” I only want this column to be in 1 slice out of the 40

Here’s what I do:

Add a virtual column called __HIDDEN__, App formula expression of "", Show? expression of FALSE, type Show, category Page_Header. In the slices, put this column between the columns you want shown (above) and the ones you want hidden (below). New columns are automatically added at the end of the column list, so below this VC and therefore hidden in forms. Never worry about auto-added new columns, slices always have access to all columns, no longer need to play games to hide columns wanted in a slice but not in a form.

See also:

I just saw that post this morning! It’s a great workaround. But I’d rather have a feature to control this.

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