Require Confirmation Signature/Edit Contact Details

I have an AppSheet that allows our field personnel to record data from live individuals. The underlying Google Sheet workbook has a sheet for the data recorded in the field and an ID Key sheet that contains all of the participants contact info. The sheets are linked by an ID# in each sheet.

At the beginning of the AppSheet process, our personnel select the participant from a drop down. The participants data is then concatenated into a Page_Header. Our personnel then turn their iPads around and ask the participant to confirm the data by signing into a signature block. The step I am trying eliminate is this… if the data is incorrect, we have to discard the record that was started and go into another view to edit the participant data. Is there a way to have an icon that would automate that edit process, perhaps even drop you back into the dataentry view where we left off?

Anyone’s help is very graciously appreciated!

You can set an action button in your Detail View with LINKTOROW(...) deep link

LINKTOROW([ID Key],"YourFormViewName")

When pressed, it will bring the participant’s record form with editing mode.

Thank you for your response Levent!

If I go to the Detail view of the data entry sheet and select Behavior, the Event Actions space to the right has nothing selectable or editable as seen here:

Here are all my views:

You need to create an action via Behavior >> Actions pane. Add an action to the table where your participant info is. Prominence shall be Display prominently and it will appear in the Detail View of your participant. For the action:

Action name: Give it a name that you see fit
For a record of this table: Select your table where your participants’ info is
Do this: App: go to another view within this app
Target: Click the blue funnel and record the expression I have given, with making the appropriate changes
Action icon: Choose an action icon you like
Prominence: Display prominently

I had actually been trying to do this through actions for the last couple of days. This is my action:

. Without attaching it to anything it shows up in the static/locked view of the IDKey, but it does not show up as an attachable event in the live/editable view of the Master table in this form: “View:Form, Data: Master” here:

You cannot display an action in Form UX, they are only viewable within the Detail UX. One way could be displaying an inline view or REF_ROWS within the form for that record and if the displayed value is not correct, you can go to the reference record and edit it there. When you save and came back to this Master Form, you will be seeing the updated values.

Thank you for your help. I’m not sure how your example would work honestly, but will investigate. Another work around I was considering was adding the contact detail columns to the “Master” sheet and have them auto-populated from the IDKey, then have our people make any changes to those fields if needed in the form, then upon saving, have those values update the values in the IDKey.

Thank you for your time and suggestions!

Could this be something that you are querying for? Check out the Daryl Zernick menu view from my sample app below.
You are free to copy the app (Record Changes) from my portfolio as well >

To see it in action: choose the EDIT USER action, edit any field you like and save the form. You will notice that your header information will be updated. After testing, provided the proposed solution fits your needs, please visit this post again and from this display, click the green checkbox next to your name in the main menu so that it will mark your proposal as SOLVED and your link will be filtered away from this sample app.

Hello Again! How can I share this AppSheet with you? I wanted to see if is possible to go to another view in the way I have it below where the user says whether or not the data is correct, if not, they answer appropriately, then the link to view should take them to the IDKey form view, but its not doing so. I have a feeling its because we are entering data into one sheet within the workbook, then ask to go to another sheet in the same workbook?

Hello @Daryl_Zernick,
Are you trying to open another form with a deep link whilst you are trying to fill a form? If that’s the case, you can’t do that. Is this related with your query above or is it completely a different one? Have you checked my sample app?

I did… but I think if you look at my AppSheet, you’ll see I already have that in place. What I am trying to do is make this seamless to the user, using only the dataentry function versus having to manually navigate between the two functions, dataentry and clients. How do I share the app with you?

You can share it with with co-author status. Also do share the gSheet pls with edit access. Thnx.

Do you want the ability to edit the Client record when [IDKeyEdit] field marked as YES or is it OK to be able to edit the client record after saving that particular dataentry record?

I am trying to make it so the user does not have to go and enter all information, from first question to very last question and then edit the client record afterwards. If they get to the portion where the presented contact data is, at the very beginning, and it is incorrect, I’m happy to have the record automatically discarded and have the user dropped into the specific client record that needs to be edited OR if the data can be edited inline (so to speak) then carry on from the signature block.

Hello @Daryl_Zernick
I have edited your app and created the functionality that you have requested. If you open the app in your editor, you will notice that I have created 3 (three) actions:

Master Table

Update Client Now: This is a simple `LINKTOROW([ID],"IDKey_Form")` deep link
Reset IDKeyEdit: This will work in conjunction with the action set under IDKey Table, to reset the IDKeyEdit column

IDKey Table

Update Master Records: This is an action executed on a set of rows, where any user/client have a Master record where [IDKeyEdit] is set to TRUE, you can reset them whilst saving the user/client record after you have edited their record.

I have tested it and it works as expected. Please check the app and inform me if it’s OK and the solution suits your needs.

How It Works

Just create a Master record, mark [IDKeyEdit] as Y and save the record. It will pop-up a confirmation message and take you to the IDKey record for editing the information. When you edit and save the IDKey record, it will pop-up another confirmation message to reset the IDKeyEdit column to N in the all the related Master records.


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Thank you so much for your help once again!

When I click “Y” to indicate the record needs to change, nothing happens immediately. When I get to the end and hit save I get this:

Selecting the affirmative response I get this:

Please let me know if I need to change anything on my end to get it to work… I’m wondering if it may have something to do with the Google Sheet perhaps?

I believe your signature field is a required field. Just complete the record including the signature and then save the Master record. Provided you don’t want the user to sign the record unless the IDKey record is not updated, then we can find a smart way to by-pass it, no problem.

It looks like I just need to make the signature required dependent on other circumstances, which I can figure out. Is it possible to make the AppSheet do this?

  • Discard the record at the time the user selects to edit the contact info

  • Take them directly to a form to edit the IDKey at the specific client record?

The solution I have provided will automatically take you to the associated IDKey record form in edit mode upon confirmation. Unfortunately, we don’t have any action to cancel a form. Just try with marking the IDKeyEdit as Y, sign and complete the record for testing how I have approached to the problem. You will notice the difference.