Require Confirmation Signature/Edit Contact Details

Thank you! It’s the best solution for the problem for sure! Our staff spend 15 to 20 minutes with each individual. At the end of each visit, staff take notes or complete note taking after the client has gone. My concern is that staff may not write down what needs to be changed and the client will not be there to approve. So, tackling this at the beginning of the client encounter would be optimal. So, I’m wondering if perhaps I need two AppSheets, one to confirm contact details with your solution and another one that is immediately loaded after completion of the first?? Do you think that would work? If so, I suppose I just need to become familiar with that functionality.

Then the correct sequence for your users will be to start with the Clients view rather than the DataEntry view. As the IDKey table is set as the child table for the Master table, the users can start with the Clients view, check if all the participant data is correct, if not edit that record immediately when the participant is there and then click the New button under the Related Master [ID] inline view to start recording a Master record for that participant. I believe that would be the optimal path to follow in your case.

Excellent! That’s what I’m going to spend some time on for sure!! You’ve been an AWESOME help and teacher!!!

All my best!!


You’re welcome @Daryl_Zernick, truly my pleasure provided I could be able to help.

Another point I can propose is, move the Entry Type column to the next page in your DataEntry form. When you press the New button under the Client’s inline view for Related Master IDs, the ID field of the DataEntry form is automatically be filled with the correct ref value, so the users don’t need to select a client (when in time the list goes long). So as this field will be automatically filled out, the users will automatically head to the second page of the form and start filling with the Entry Type field first.

To make this happen, head to UX >> Options >> FORMS and set the Advance forms automatically property to ON.

Sweet!! Thank you again!!!

You’re welcome @Daryl_Zernick. Can you mark the any of my proposed replies as your solution provided it fits your requirements and solves your issue? It might also be helpful for other community members who might search the community with the solution tag. Thank you.

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Hello! Do you know why this would not work for the App formula in a virtual column created by a ref view?

SELECT(AvailCDates[DateTime], ISBLANK([DateStatus]))

I am having the user in my Master table select a date from a list of available dates in the “AvailCDates” table through the ref. There are only two columns in AvailCDates, “DateTime” and “DateStatus”. DateStatus indicates if the date is used already. I simply want to show the unused dates, but its showing me all the dates with no errors.

As usual, thanks for your input!

When you are using Ref field, you should use key column in your validation… and your DateTime column is probably not that one.

@Daryl_Zernick, @LeventK, wow! reading your posts, I realize I am only scratching the surface on what this platform offers.
Kind of hard to reconstruct from the post how you achieved the results. If either of you is able to share, would love to look at your solution (in any stripped form you are okay sharing) to learn the cool techniques you have used to achieve this.

Problem solved. I believe it’s working as expected. Check your TestDummy3 app >> Master table >> NextAppDate columns Valid_if expression.


Thank you for your time on this one as well!

So, it does work, but not every time. I just tried to enter 3 in succession, waiting until “used” posted each time. On the last one, it presented the list with the last date selected included in the list when it should not have. After closing the AppSheet and coming back, the next entry did not have the last selected date in the list. Is there something that needs to be “cleared” from memory each time?

Also, curious why the ref virtual column in AvailCDates still needs this app formula included as it seems to be saying the exact same thing your formula is but in the Master table?

Thank you again!!

I just tried it again as above with the same results. After closing the AppSheet completely and coming back, the list is correct.

The date and time column is be a Key column.

As the “Used” value in AvailCDates table is recorded with DataChange workflow, it will be executed after saving the form and there will be a slight delay. So with successive data entry, it’s possible that you will not be getting the correct data in the ref dropdown. Rather than using DataChange workflow, I may advise using AppSheet API triggered via webhook workflow. I can create that webhook workflow for you in the TestDummy3 app if you want but for testing, your app needs to be deployed.


I deployed the TestDummy3 AppSheet.

The only concern I have is this. The entire reason we are using AppSheet is because of the offline functionality. If our staff go into a building that they do not have cell data or internet connections, AppSheet will hold the data on the device until a connection to the internet is re-established. I just need to be sure that your solution does not change this aspect.

Thanks again!


Your DataChange workflow won’t work when the device is in offline mode either :wink:

Testing it on the iPad, I am getting the same results, even when waiting for a few minutes, I still get an option that is not an option. When I close the AppSheet app completely and restart, the option is correctly gone. So, what can I do that will change this behavior?

AppSheet API will be a better alternative but as I have mentioned above, in any offline case, it won’t work as your DataChange won’t also. I will set the webhook workflow for you for testing. Than you can test and see. Is that sounds OK for you?