Require user to complete form to view rest of app

I’m trying to force the new user to complete a form upon their first time opening up the app. So the initial view is a form and user can’t proceed to any other views until this form is completed. Once the form is completed they will no longer be forced to see this form again. The next time they open the app, they will see a new view. Is there a simple way to do this?

Please refer to well-documented guide made by Appsheet master @Steve


Thank you!

NOT(IN(USEREMAIL(), Users[Email])),

This is all I needed!


You can also add an expression like this:


to the Show If of your Views so only existing users can see anything else besides your “new-user-start-view”.


I’ve got a new take on this scenario. I’m attempting to white label my app and add it to the App Store for download. I can’t really hide the app in the App Store but I want to control who can use it. How do I create a login screen as the opening view where only the users on my list or with my initial password are allowed in? And once they have successfully logged in once they no longer have to sign in again?
There are many business apps in the App Store that do this. Just wondering the best way to do in Appsheet.
Thanks in advance!