Required* not working

Hello everyone,

I´m building a form and have set up a column as required*, but somehow is not working as the system is allowing to save the record even when empty.


Any ideas on what could be the problem here?


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I had this problem too, is it at least requiring one form entry?
I had noticed the first time I made a change that effected a log entry for a specific item, if there was no log history, it required a value but after that it let you skip it. I still have no resolution to this issue and am hoping my staff care about the accuracy of data as much as I do :sweat_smile:

Exactly the same problem.

Originally this was my Valid If expression:
ISNOTBLANK(FILTER(“Reservas”, ([_thisrow].[Nombre] = [Nombre])))
Which should only let you save if “Nombre” is a value in the column “Nombre” of “Reservas” table.
Which is working fine in another view, but not on this form.

So I thought it was an expression error, so I deleted the expression, only to see that the problem is still there.
Even without a required value, the system is allowing to save.

I can’t be certain but I think the system is perceiving preexisting entries in the table as fulfilling the “required” function. If that is the case I have no idea how to work around it. Honestly without seeing the table that your values are being recorded in I really have no idea if my assumption has any validity :sweat_smile: But I know that is what is going on in my application.

Try making the require a formula and making it “True”

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Thanks for reporting the problem. It seems this is related to a hidden property on the form view settings getting into an unexpected state. We haven’t been able to reproduce the scenario that would lead to this, but a fix will be coming soon to correct the validation behavior for this case.