Required option doesn't work in Detail View with Quick Edit Column


Let me illustrate my case with this example: I have 1 table, 2 columns:

  2. Status (options: Completed, Pending)

if the Status is set to “Completed”, the Comments field becomes required. It works perfect when I am editing in the Form.

But I have the Detail view with Quick Edit Column for “Status” column, and when I set/change the Status to “Completed” the required option doesn’t work for Comments columns, the detail view doesn’t show me the “Comments” field to edit it.

I believe you are correct, and I don’t believe it would be a feasible change to Appsheet to make it so.

I recommend using an action button to change the status, which forwards the user to a form screen where they must fill out a comment.


oh well Thanks Marc.

Not sure if we should make it as a future request