Reset Appsheet when running in a browser window

Here is one of several articles on resetting AppSheet on the phone. How can I do it in the browser?

I would assume clearing the locally stored data (cookies,cache,etc) would work for this. From either Firefox or Chrome, pressing F12 will bring up the developer tools. Press F12 from the browser app page.

For Firefox it can be found here, right click to find the “Delete…” options:

And for Chrome:

Why do you think you need to do this?

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Thanks Marc.

A user was trying to get into the app in her browser and kept getting stopped at the following error. Everything works fine for her on the phone. So i think she probably used it in her browser once and for some reason it is pulling from an old version instead of the latest one.

Ctrl-F5 to force refresh, followed by a manual sync.

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So when this is on her screen. Have her do Ctrl-F5. And that will bring up the app so she can do a manual sync?

I really appreciate your help.

If there are no other issues in the current app version, and the error is just that she can’t open the app (different than having pending syncs and not being able to sync), then yes, hopefully. It is certainly the first step I’d do at least.

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Great. I’ll report back on how it works. Thanks again.

Not sure if this helps.

Try CRT + SHFT + R on windows keyboard.

It will do “hard reload”, which I m not sure if it helps your case.


Thanks. I’ll have her try that if the Ctrl F5 doesn’t work.

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