Reset ChangeCounter On Weekly Basis

(Jonathan Havens) #1

hello all,

I’m trying to figure out how to reset a changecounter on a weekly basis. I assumed I’d do this by using a report rule on a weekly basis which, when triggered, sets the value of the changecounter column to 0. However, when I go to create the action, select “change data”, then go to select the column…it doesn’t allow me to select my changecounter column…? I’ve made sure the table and the column are editable, so not sure what’s up…

thanks in advance.

(Philip Garrett) #2

You are correct. We do not currently allow you to create a DataChange action that directly updates a ChangeCounter field.

I am asking a colleague if he know of another way to accomplish this.
I am asking him if we should relax the restriction on resetting a Change Counter field via a DataChange action.

(Steve Coile) #3

You could add another column to record the counter value at the beginning of the week using a weekly report, then compute the changes for the week as the difference between the two.

(Philip Garrett) #4

Adam has made a change that will allow you to select the ChangeCounter field in the Data Change action.

If testing goes well, his change will be released on Tuesday afternoon Seattle time on 3.26/2019.

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(Jonathan Havens) #5

Nice, thanks!

I’ll be on the lookout for the update then.

I’m using this for sales/production tracking purposes. When I think about it more, this opens up quite a bit more functionality/capabilities when it comes to tracking the results of our appointment setters and sales teams, and at custom intervals…good stuff! Thanks guys​:+1::+1:

(Philip Garrett) #6

The change was released yesterday afternoon.