Reset on edit for forms?

Hello friends, I’m working on an app in which the user has to pick between several options for a given process inside a form view, and it starts with choosing between process A or B in an enum column, the next options are shown depending on which one he chooses.

I’m having a problem, if an user chooses process A and inputs some data down that line, then switches to process B and does the same and sends the form, im getting the populated fields from both paths, and that really messes up with my app.

I tried enabling reset on edit on the data entry columns, thinking that it would reset the data entry columns if the user switched from A to B or vice versa, but it doesn’t work, what could i do about this?.

Make the path selector only editable if all subsequent fields are blank.

Or a Form Save Action to clear out any non-applicable values based on the selected path.


Thanks @Marc_Dillon, those are great ideas, gonna give the first one a try.