Reset on Edit: Inconsistent or unexpected behaviour

Hi fellow members,

One of my workflow has started producing altered/unexpected output. Need help in either identifying my error in understanding or else a solution for the desired output.

For one of my tables (GRN), I have an action button to trigger an email workflow. The workflow runs fine, however it ends up resetting 2 columns which have “reset on edit” update behaviour. I only want to reset the 2 columns when user opens an edit form. P.S. I have referred to the trick on using a change type column to avoid reset due to workflow, but that only addresses the problem partially.

Details on Unexpected behaviour:

Mail action: sets mail trigger from 0 (initial value) to 1 and triggers a mail workflow. The workflow sends out an email and resets the mail trigger to 2.

Inconsistent behaviour: when mail trigger column updates from 0 to 1 (via action button), the two “reset on edit” columns - call them A and B don’t get reset (that’s good). However, when the workflow resets the mail trigger column to value 2 from value 1, the two columns A and B get reset (unexpected and inconsistent with previous behaviour).

Reset on edit conditions for column A and B: [change]<>now()
“Change” column - a change timestamp column for column “Mail trigger”

Any help would be highly appreciated. I have tried many workarounds but not succeeded.

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Hi Steve,

Thanks for the prompt response. However, not sure how context expression would help here. Can you please elaborate. Thanks.


You could set Reset on edit? to an expression that uses CONTEXT() to only reset the column value when the row is edited in a form view:

("Form" = CONTEXT("ViewType"))
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It didn’t work on the 2 columns, but figured a way around using the context formula. Thanks a ton.