Reset on Edit - setting value with Initial Value expression. What am I missing?

EDITED: Never mind. I have realized that this was an Editor problem/side effect. After saving changes and re-selecting User Settings, the app would return immediately to the form. Testing from there the Reset on Edit did not work. BUT, if I navigate out of the Form and then follow the normal user work flow, the functionality works as expected.

EDITED: Keeping the below for informative purposes of this issue. :slight_smile:

I have a row that is created automatically. Later, the user needs to update it in the app. I want to set a column for that row such that if there is only a single value in the dropdown list, it is pre-selected on the form when editing. I have Reset on Edit turned “on”.

To test, I have tried hard coding the key value in Initial Value and the item is selected automatically as expected. But when I try to use an expression to select that same key, the value is not selected for some reason. It’s the same expression used for the Valid_If which I know only returns a single value in this case. I must be missing something but I’m not sure what. I don’t use Reset on Edit much.

Why won’t Initial Value automatically select the single value?

Expression used in dropdown that I know returns only a single value

SELECT(Goal[Key], AND([Program] = [_THISROW].[Challenge].[Program],  [User] = [_THISROW].[Student]))

Initial Value expression - simply wraps above with ANY() - why does it not choose value?

ANY(SELECT(Goal[Key], AND([Program] = [_THISROW].[Challenge].[Program],  [User] = [_THISROW].[Student])))
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Sounds like a bug, or the chained deref expression is not working property when the expression is wrapped and nested inside the other expression?