Reset on Edit when changing image

I have an App with Images. Each image has an associated ENUM column e.g. [Photo 1 Status] so that the admin can set each image to Unchecked, Rejected or Verified. Unchecked is the initial value. So this works when the row is created. But if I take a photo, change [Photo 1 Status] to Rejected, then change the image, [Photo 1 Status] does not reset back to Unchecked. Even though the row has been edited. I’ve tried using ISBLANK([Photo 1]) as the Reset on Edit rule, but it doesn’t change either. Am I doing something wrong?

For Reset on edit?:

([Photo 1] <> LOOKUP([_THISROW], "Table", "KeyColumn", "Photo 1"))

This asks the question: is the in-form Photo 1 column value ([Photo 1]) different than (<>) the Photo 1 column value of the row in the Table table with the KeyColumn column value of the in-form row’s key column value (LOOKUP([_THISROW], ...))?

LOOKUP(), SELECT(), FILTER(), MAXROW(), and MINROW() access the table (or slice) directly and ignore whatever is in the form. Because of this, you can use them to compare a column’s in-form value to its saved value.


That doesn’t seem to work as expected. Every time I go into the record it resets the value straight away

Testing process

1 = changed photo. synced. Confirmed changed in spreadsheet
2 = Checked approval from Unapproved to Approved. Synced. Confirmed changed in spreadsheet
3 = Edited record, approval has changed back from Approved to Unapproved

Changed the formula to look at Photo 1’s timestamp column instead - same issue

How about:

([Photo 1] <> LOOKUP([_THISROW].[KeyColumn], “Table”, “KeyColumn”, “Photo 1”))

Tried ([Photo 1] <> LOOKUP([_THISROW].[PhotoID], “Photo”, “PhotoID”, “Photo 1”)) and the symptoms were it wouldn’t change even if the photo was deleted. However, I’m much more familiar with Select() expressions so I changed it to [Photo 1] <> ANY(Select(Photo[Photo 1],[PhotoID]=[_ThisRow].[PhotoID]))
and this works fine :slight_smile:

Thanks @Steve

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That’s…unexpected… :thinking: But I’m glad it works!