Resize Image in the workflow template

Google Docs having the limitation of having page section into landscape. can only either all portrait or all landscape but we are looking at mix of portrait and landscape (

However when set the workflow image format into large, (1000x1000) the image in the portrait workflow template, the image overflow and cropped. (we need image format into large as medium quality is very low and we can’t see the image clearly.)

is there way, we can fit the image into the portrait? like within a table? have tried to put in the image into a table and setting column width but it seem that it is didn’t limit the image.

anyone got answer or solution to this?

Are you applying a Format Rule to your image column for your workflow re-sizing?

Hi @LeventK, yes we have tried medium the but the image quality is not so good, so what think if we can keep the image at large while, limit the size of the image using table or anything Google Docs template so that it fit within the portrait orientation.

Resizing the image is reducing the resolution, which makes the “quality” of image is lower. We are not able to achieve the goals which are conflicting each others.

I understand your frastration, make the image size smaller on the template, but maintain the higher resolutions as much as possible.

What I do on my production app is let the image size as we want on the template. Yes, If we make it smaller, the resolutions are lower. But What I do is to make the hyperlink to the original Image file on the template. IF the app users want to see more detailed images on the templete, they hit the hyperlink where they see the original image file which should be with higher resolutions as you define.


Good idea, how do we make a link to the original image?


Thanks @tsuji_koichi.

Anyone interested to know how it is done here it is
<<If: ISNOTBLANK ([Image Field Name])>>
<<HYPERLINK(CONCATENATE(“ ”,TEXT([Image Field Name])), ‘My Photo Link’) >>
<< EndIf>>

if you are curious, where to find your app name, table name see this