Resize URL image

Hi Appsheet experts,

Is it possible to resize (change the dimmenssions) of an image whithin the URL?
For example:,height:200

or change something else in the URL.

The reason I ask is because of the image size for the XY map, I would like to shrink the size in order to get the full image of the map at first view.

Thanks in advance, Appsheet Rules!

I don’t know if you can resize an image.

The reason for your problem is, that AppSheet will always zoom into the Pins.
One Workaround would be to have at least 2 “Dummy-Pins” in 2 corners. That way, AppSheet will zoom out and you have the whole picture.

Thanks Fabian !
I have tried to put 4 “Dummy-Pins” on each corner but still won’t zoom out.

You are right. I see that this is not working everytime. It seems to depend on the ratio of the image. In Landscape images it seems to work.
Perhaps you should open a feature request for the zoom out.