[Resolved] Appsheet Apps having sync latencies

We are looking into few reports of App sync latencies. We are working on root cause and rolling back few infrastructure changes that might be the suspect.

Update: We have identified the root cause and rolled back the infrastructure enhancement. We believe latencies should be back to normal now.


I’m seeing sync issues for my clients on android as well.

I’ve checked your update. I’m still having the same issues. The app isn’t syncing.
Any other solutions?

well, the good news is that its not our fault, hehe, so everybody just be patient, they will solve it soon

We’re also still experiencing issues with this. Inline views aren’t viewable or totaling.

Please contact support@appsheet.com for help with this.

very helpful Steve, we have logged this with support now for 3 days

You logged the issue three days ago, so why did you post about it in this topic? This topic is about an issue earlier today.

Because, it took them 3 days to get it to this stage, As support then claimed it to be repaired we thought it would assist everyone to know that the fault is still not repaired. Please look deeper into these issues if you have the authority to do so, if not please just stop recommending go to support

The problem this morning was due to an issue that began last night, not something from three days ago. Your issue is therefore unrelated, it would seem. Support is who you should be dealing with.


We are dealing with support, however like you we will continue to assist users and issues whenever we deem fit.

You’re just confusing the matter by interjecting your problem into an unrelated issue. You aren’t helping at all.


That might be your opinion, but the issue is on our portal, and is still on our portal now as it stands, so advising that a claimed to be repaired fault is not repaired is a lot more helpful than your suggestion of going to support, are you looking for support likes or genuinely trying to be of assistance

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