[RESOLVED] AUG 19TH - Possible outage

This thread is for monitoring issues related to O365:

  1. Some general problem on our system started around 8:15AM our time and lasted for about 50 mins. The issue is not ongoing.
  2. We are investigating a separate O365 issue at this time.

Hi everyone,

We’re currently investigating a possible outage impacting access tokens. Please post your questions, status, feedback, etc on this thread for updates.

We’ll post information as soon as it becomes available.


Would this cause the error codes below?


@Daisy_Ramirez looking into it now

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the first picture not likely, I get those all the time from users.

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@Daisy_Ramirez yes I believe if you were seeing this suddenly this morning (in the last couple of hours), it is related to the same issue.


We should have a fix coming in the next couple of hours that mitigates the “access token lock” issue.

Independently, it does look like Office365 has some issues we are trying to track down with Microsoft.

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Got it. This client was using Google Sheets - did the issue occur with Google users as well?

Yes, one issue for sure. This is what we are trying to mitigate. Will send a more detailed update a little later with an explanation.


Thanks Praveen, will communicate locally to clients.

I appreciate the immediate communications :slightly_smiling_face:.

Starting about now, we should have addressed these issues related to general sync delays/timeouts.

If anyone is still seeing these issues, please let us know.

We are still tryng to find out more about Office365-specific issues.


No error message but I deleted records in the editor app pane and it took an unusually long time for the transactions to process. Google Sheets back end.

I’m using with Google Sheets and I’m having the same problem

Similar issue
Backend google sheets

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Hi @praveen @Aleksi
I am using Google sheets and my changes are not syncing.

Hi @praveen having same issue as @Chinmay_Gheewala :frowning:

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Yes. I am having similar issue (service unavailable). I am having issue creating reports.


G Suite service seems to be down for some part?


Thanks for this info. I made some testings and everything is working fine. As Koichi mentioned, this is probably affecting us as well.

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People in the comunity is basically askin same question through the new thread. I suggest you PIN this thread to the top of the community page. @Aleksi