RESOLVED Hey everyone, I have a time-sheet ap...

(Dylan S) #1

RESOLVED Hey everyone, I have a time-sheet app I’m putting together for my team.

I have a slice of my timesheet data I created for the previous week’s punches. I then have the data grouped by [Email] and then by [Time Type] (Time type is used to differentiate between overtime and regulartime hours)

I’d like to use the group aggregate to display the sum of the sub-group [Time Type], but the only option I’m presented with is “Count”.

Can anyone shed some light on this or offer an alternative way to sum durations based on three sorting criteria (Week Number, Email column, Time type column)?

Thanks for your time!

Edit: Just realized I posted this to the app design heading, I can delete and repost correctly if mods decide that’s the right thing to do

(Tony Fader) #2

@Dylan_S Right now you can only use group aggregates of numeric columns, which unfortunately does not include duration columns.

What you could do is compute the number of hours (or days) based on your duration column and then use that in your aggregate function.

Make a virtual column with this formula to get total hours:

HOUR([Duration]) + MINUTE([Duration]) / 60.0 + SECOND([Duration]) / (60.0 * 60.0)

Stick that formula in a virtual column, then update your grouped view to use the sum of it.

(Dylan S) #3

@tony Thanks! Worked perfectly