RESOLVED I'm super excited by the notificati


I’m super excited by the notification functionality!!!

I could use some help creating an expression for the notification body. This article says it can be done but doesn’t give any examples of how.

Here’s what I’ve tried: [Creator] has shared coaching feedback with you on [Created].

The result is I get is a notification with “[Creator] has shared coaching feedback with you on [Created].” in it.

The variables are not replaced by actual values. Can anyone provide additional guidance?


Adam is right that you need something like:

<<[First Name]>>


<<[Price] * [Qty]>>

This is necessary because the body is a template so you need to include the field name or expression inside broken brackets.

I have updated the following article to provide a sample Notification Body.

I would think that should work, but maybe for the message body template the <> syntax is needed instead of [Column Name]. Have you tried that way?

Thanks Gents. That did the trick