[RESOLVED: Login Failures to Apps] Some new Workspace/GSuite users receiving "Error validating external account. Please try again"

We are investigating the root cause of some users receiving following error message when trying to login: "Error validating external account. Please try again"

We will post with more updates as our team is investigating the root cause.

Update 11:45 am PST

Impact as we know it:
If a Workspace1 → User invites New User also a workspace one (Who never had an account with Appsheet before) then they are blocked from logging in.

Update 10:30 pm PST
We have identified the root cause and release a fix. Our preliminary test shows most new Workspace Users are able to login into Apps

We apologize the inconvenience caused.


I encountered this error around 8:30 a.m. (EST) This is my first app and I assumed it was an error on my part. It is frustrating to say the least.

Hello there, is there any update on this issue? I deployed our first AppSheet app to much fanfare this morning to 50 people only to have them not be able to log in. I’d love to let them know if there is a timeline for a fix. Thank you!

Hello @David_Fuge , apologies for the issue. We have recently released more tighter integration with Workspace customers. This introduced bugs for new users for Workspace customers.

We are pushing in a fix as we speak. We will update back once we have the release and it fixes the issue.

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Hi, any update on this issue? Thanks!

@Red_Jaques_Bernaldez The issue should be fixed now. We released a fix to address a race condition that got introduced recently as part of workspace integration

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Confirmed it works

  • Raised this issue this morning (2Mar21)
  • Google Gsuite business account
  • Able to access app as of 11:40PM MDT tonight


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It works now. Everything is OK. Thank you!


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Thank you AppSheet Team! I really appreciate it!

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Still can’t login
" You need access

Your company policy is blocking access. If you need help, contact your domain administrator."

Please contact support@appsheet.com for help with this.