Resource Library - assistance getting started


Normally i’d spend far more time investigating but due to the current climate, urgency is very important.
I’m looking to deploy a public app with resources to support families and their children at home.
The data set is essentially just a list of resources (resource name, image of resource, subject area, year level, link to resource). Creating the gallery is no problem - its essentially just a gallery view of the data. i’m stuck on a functionality to allow easy sorting of the data (as we’re looking at 200+ items).

I’m looking for something similar in functionality to

where the user can sort the data by selecting requirements.

Does appsheet have some sort of functionality like this?

If I were to do this in appsheet, I would probably look to initially categorize the 200+ items into some subgroups…

Using the ikea link you sent as an example, you may present a user first with some buttons (bedroom, living room, kitchen, etc) which would be a preliminary filter with a LINKTOFILTEREDVIEW() action.

From there, you would only see a subset of the items and you could search within them with the hourglass.

What if the there was multiple filter views?
Each resource has the several sub categories.

Subject: (eg. maths, english, science)
Age level: (Lower elementary, upper elementary, middle school etc.)

Tricky thing is each resource would fall into several categories, eg.
A website that covers english, maths and science and its suitable for lower elementary and upper elementary.

I would want the user to be able to essentially click the components they want, and it filter out all the non-relevant resources.

Eg. user is looking for a great english teaching resource for their lower elementary child. What would be the most user friendly way of doing this filter view?