Rest api get

I am trying to GET data from an API. I tried to do it in Webhook under Workflow, but failed. Does anyone has any sample share me as a reference ?

Thanks you.

Unfortunately, AppSheet does not support GET requests. But you can send a POST from AppSheet to Zapier or a Google Apps Script.

See if the API in question is available on Zapier. That will be easier to set up. If that doesn’t work, and you have some JavaScript experience, I can point you in the right direction with Apps Scripts.


Thanks. If I would like to gather the result for below API, what should I do ? Seems Zapier doesn’t cover it.

You might be able to use an IMPORTHTML() sheet formula in this case.


Thanks. It seems IMPORTHTML result updated instantly. If I would like to gather the real-time result, what can I do ?

What location do you want the current weather for?

  1. The user’s current location?
  2. A map pin location selected by the user?
  3. A fixed location?
  4. A location value pulled from the sheet?

Basically, take the location from above, and include that in your IMPORTHTML() by adding it to the URL parameter so that each row returns the results for the location in question. Then as the user adds new rows (locations), the weather result will be added by the sheet formula.

I’m not familiar with that particular API and it’s URL parameters, but usually there’s a way to include a Zip Code or LatLong in the request. You just have to find the right format that it expects and dynamically build the requests.

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Thanks. What if I just want to gather the result of below API ? No other parameters are required.

You might just be able to refresh the app and keep using the same row. The result should update with each sync.