Restrict IsPartOf function to one record

Hi. I have a (Dresser Detail Master) table which IsPartOf a (Routings Master) table through [Record ID]. I want to restrict the user to one associated record only if possible so if the user submits a record on the (Dresser Detail Master) form and returns to the (Routings Master) form the ‘New’ option is not available. I have tried the following expression on the ‘Add’ action for the (Dresser Detail Master) table but the ‘New’ button is consistently invisible so that I can’t add even an initial record.

[Record ID]=[Record ID].[Routing ID]))<1

Is this the right approach and if so is my expression close to what is needed?

Any advice would be great, thank you.

Try setting the Only if this condition is true expression for the Add action for the Routings Master table to this:

ISBLANK([Related Dresser_Detail_Masters])

In the future, I encourage you to consistently use the actual names of the tables. If the name has underscores in place of spaces, please consistently use the underscores.

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Thank you @Steve for your advice

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