Restrict User Access


I am creating an app. The users will use the app to add new records to a spreadsheet, and they will be able to update their existing records.

The users must not be able to see other people’s data. Is there a way to restrict their access so they can only see the data in one spreadsheet in the workbook? Or will I need to create a different app for every different user. I imagine that could become very expensive

Are you looking for a security filter? Check this article…

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Thank you very much

You’re welcome

Hi Aleksi,

I’m still learning about security filters,
I get confused when using the formula USEREMAIL ()
whether the formula is filled in the table at the initial value of each column which we will protect or how to apply this formula ?

First you would need to have a separate column where you can use USEREMAIL() as an initial value. Then you can use it like [EmailColumn]=USEREMAIL() with the security filter. When the evaluation is TRUE, that one row is downloaded to your device when you sync the app.

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