Restrict users to only their records (by email)

Hi. I have an app where people can add records, and I’ve restricted the tables to filter out existing records. What I want is an ability to have the user see all and only their records, per view.

How can I acheive that. Is there a formula to enter in one of the views? Where?

Thank you.

Please go through the below. You could use slice or security filters. However, please do understand the difference between security filters and slice filters before choosing one.


Thank you! I definitely am interested in a security filter, but it’s a bit tricky.
I have a table of Growers that includes GrowerName, Email, Country, Company.
I have a table of Farms which include GrowerName, Farm details.

I want the Farm table to have a security filter that restricts to the GrowerName, based on useremail(), (which is technically contained in the Grower table, not the Farm table.

What would the syntax be?

  • LOOKUP(Grower, Grower, Email) = username()


I tried this, and it’s not working:
LOOKUP(Grower, Growers, Grower,Email) = useremail()

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Hi @Gittel_Marcus