Restricted views using enumlist and slices

Hello, I am looking to change the way my project app works. I am wanting to make a single table that holds the project information, lead information, and job information.

Every project gets its base information, it becomes a lead, and if accepted becomes a job.

In this table I will add an enumlist which I can select which stage/s its currently at.

I will use slices in the project, lead and job views to filter only relevant information for each team.

However, if I create a project, I don’t want it to become instantly available to view in the job view. Am I able to filter using the enumlist? So if the stage is not selected to job, it won’t show under the jobs view?

Sure, though you probably want an Enum rather than EnumList, since it sounds like the column should have only one value at a time.

Eventually when I get around to it, I want to create an app that handles all of my estimating and invoicing.

These two options will be added into the list. So it’s possible the leads and estimating view could show the project, and the job and invoicing view could also show the project.

The actual projects view will always show every project, and it will be filtered as either in progress or complete.

Any information on how I can achieve this? I’ve had a play around with the app however have been unsuccessful in getting this to work.


The slice row filter expression needs to compare the row’s current stage against the desired filter criteria. What have you tried that didn’t work?

Also to add to this, multiple other tables reference the projects tables, for example adding expenses, billable time, etc. However if a project is complete, I would like it to not appear in the drop down for referenced tables if that makes sense? I’m unsure if this can be integrated with the current enumlist (add an option for project in progress and project completed) or whether I could possible do this with a secondary Enum.

This will prevent over populating a drop down box.

Hi @Steve, Thanks for your reply. I have managed to get this to work to a degree, using an Enum on the table and in the slice view using the expression [Row Name]=“Value”

However, is it possible to get this to work with an EnumList? It appears to create errors in the app when I try to use this with an EnumList. Any advice?

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Thanks @Steve had a look at this but have been unsuccessful in getting this to work, If I have a table ‘Projects’ and a Enum row ‘Lead Status’ with options Currently not a Lead, Requires Inspection, Ongoing Lead, Lead Completed.

The Lead would not show in the Leads Slice if Currently not a Lead was selected, however if any of Requires Inspections, Ongoing Lead, Lead Completed was selected it would show.

Would the In() function be what I require or the Contains() function?

You might try either of the following:

IN([Lead Status], {"Requires Inspection", "Ongoing Lead", "Lead Completed"})


NOT("Currently not a Lead" = [Lead Status])

Thanks @Steve

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