Restricting Row/record level edits as per ownership

Hi , I am trying a app

I have chef table with key and email id . refering to receipes columns with key

Chef need to login with email ,

I want chef to be able to view all other cheff

I want chef only able to update his own recipes or add new .

chef cannot update add remove others recipes

I know how to restrcit view but not sure about edits

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Thanks it works ,

now how do i restrict if email id is another table , specifically i want to write select like below

USEREMAIL() = Select email from CookTable where Cooktable.key = Recipe.Cookrefkey

I need correct syntax … I tried like

SELECT (Cook[email] , ([_THISROW].[Cook] = Cook[key] , YES) this results into an error

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(USEREMAIL() = [Cook].[Email])

See also:

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Is that simple? Email is in cook table which refer to recipe and I want to put edit restriction on recipe .still I will trt

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Worked thanks for help