Retrieving data from another table to autopopulate a column

Hey everyone,

This time I´m trying to get a data field auto populated in a form for a household water pumping project.
So, when filling the form in the app, the user selects a “Tank” from a dropdown, the next field (which is Litres per minute) it should be autopopulated according to the water flow the pump can provide to that specific tank.
That data should be pulled from another table called “LitresperMinute” which has two columns, “Tank” and “LXM”, which basically says how many litres per minute the pump gets to that tank.

This is the formula used, but it keeps retrieving only the first result of the returnColumn, and its not updating when selecting different “Tank” from the dropdown.

LOOKUP([Tank], Litresperminute, Tank, LXM)

Would appreciate some help!


Please try

LOOKUP([_THISROW].[Tank], Litresperminute, Tank, LXM)


You are awesome.
Thank you Suvrutt it worked smoothly-

Hi @Nicolas_Feldman,

Thnak you for the update. I may also add here that I forgot to add earlier is that as a better practice, you may wish to include the parameters in the expression in quotes. Even though it is optional, it will avoid clash with reserved words, if for some reason your parameters in the expression match with reserved words.

So a better practice to configure a LOOKUP() expression is something like below
LOOKUP([_THISROW].[Tank], “Litresperminute”, “Tank”, “LXM”)