Return Value of Lookup Without Match

I’ve got an app that has a form with the sole purpose of scanning a barcode to change the status of the associated record. This part works perfectly.

I want to popup a message if the user scans a barcode that doesn’t already have an associated record. I’m not sure how to do this however I was thinking of something like a lookup that runs after the scan as an action that runs with the status change. Any recommendations?

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Hey @Drew_D, welcome to the community.

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To answer your question

  • What you’d need to do is create a separate column (I would go with a Show (Header or Text) type) to alert someone that the item scanned wasn’t found, and conditionally show this whenever a result isn’t found.

To do this, I’ve done the following in the past:

  1. create a “data entry field” - this is the actual scanner field
  2. Create a separate field that does a LOOKUP() based on the data entry field
  3. Create a show (header or text) column with a conditional show if statement:

You’ll have to enter some text to be shown for the Show column (this would be the warning text or alert you want the user to see), but this field will only show up when someone scans something, but there’s no result from the LOOKUP()