Returning a list of Table Names & Details in your Appsheet App

Hi guys, hope you’re doing well. I’ve been sitting on this question for a week now, and haven’t found an answer when looking online. Basically, for paper document control I use a spreadsheet, however I would also like to keep track of my App Tables / links between spreadsheets and Apps as I believe it also forms an important part of document control. Is there an expression I can use to return a list of the Tables in my App and details like what is seen in the Data->Tables section?

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Hi @Dario!

I think this is related to your question too:

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Nope. :frowning:

Ok, I was hoping there was something. Looks like I’ll have to do it manually for the time being. Thanks for getting back to me guys.

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@Dario Have you checked the option Info > Properties > App Documentation > The documentation page for this app is available ‘here’ ?


That was my thought. Instead of putting it in a link, I should have just said that. :wink:


I did check out this section earlier. Unfortunately it doesn’t suit my requirements as I wanted to return a list with custom values from the table (e.g the basic information that shows in the Data->Tables section.

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I see. If no one has done so yet, you might want to write a feature request:

Dario, maintain it yourself. Build an app to manage your apps. Include the editor link. Etc. Then you can do all sorts of fun stuff

One can also make a copy of the Gsheet, retain the header data and add rows to keep track of attributes, formulas, etc.

Just curious, what format do you want this data in?

I was hoping to get the data inside of my appsheet app-> Documents Control Table. I can still do it, it just has to be created manually, so first the Table Name, Source, and then the different apps that share this table name. I take all that information and place it into my existing documents table, which then allows me to use it alongside my documents for training purposes.

@Grant_Stead How would building an app to manage my apps give me a list of my tables and table attributes? Do you know of some kind of expression to get this information?

No, there’s no expression.
However the CONTEXT() expression can return a view name. So if you use a consistent view naming convention then you can determine what table/slice you’re using…

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@Dario, there is a chrome add on for AppSheet released by @Stefan_Quartemont which contains the schema. It might be a good enhancement to that add on allow saving the schema in a table format like what you are looking for.