Returning to wrong view

I have a form to register students. After entering their details I have it set to return to the student registration page.

It does not work 100% of the time. Sometimes it returns to the app default screen.

It doesn’t seem like it happens for any specific reason because the form is so simple. What do I need to trouble shoot?

Hi. Is this in the web emulator, on a mobile device, or in a web page (not emulator), or some combo of all of these?

I suspect this may be related to an issue that I have reported in the bug item below. Basically, what i observe is that when I tap Save or even Cancel, if there is a Main View item “underneath” that Save or Cancel button, the button tap will “bleed through” and ALSO activate the navigation to that Main View item.

It doesn’t happen all the time because the Save button active area doesn’t precisely overlap the Main View item active area. The issue only happens when you tap where these active areas overlap.

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I don’t see any bleed…

The “bleed” is not visual…its functional. When you close this form, What are the Main View items underneath it?

Ahhh…ok. So behind that would be the default home screen.

Right. So when you tap Save and the navigation goes to a different screen than you expected, check to see if the view sent to is the one associated with the Home Screen Menu Item that is directly behind/underneath where the Save button was.

Yes correct, that’s what is happening

Then please add to the bug entry I linked above to refresh its life and so AppSheet knows I am not the only one impacted by the problem (and that I am not crazy!! :slight_smile: )

The only way to work around the problem is to try to re-arrange the Home Screen Menu options so they don’t fall underneath the Save button.