Rev-ref question

hello guys.
i have built my own sales app, with companies connected to events.
every operation in a company, is generating a new event ( initial meeting, followup meeting , order etc)
i want to add a row, last-update that will represent the last entry date of an event - in the company ( parent) table.
i get this error
ailed because Row having key ‘’ in table ‘Companies’ in field ‘_RowNumber’ is required to have a value. Error: ‘Add Row’ Data action ‘EventChanglastupdatecompanydate’ failed with exception Collection was modified; enumeration operation may not execute.

can someone give me an example how it would look in the action?

As it’s already indicated inside the error message, The Key column for your Companies is selected as the _RowNumber which is not advised. Just add a column at the beginning of this table in your back-end gSheet, name it as i.e. ID, Company ID, Key etc. and then in AppSheet editor Regenerate Column Structure for this table. Set the Initial Value for this column as UNIQUEID(). Provided you have existing records in the table, fill this columns value with distinct text for each existing record i.e. aaBBcc11, aaBBdd12, aaBBee13 etc..

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