Revers Ref Sync Time

Hi guys are there any kind of a solution where I can use a different way than the REF function while connecting the drop-down to populate data from another table because it’s affecting my sync time

I tried using the valid if function: TableName(Key) but it will get me the key of the column rather than the label which displays a uniqueId() value

I thought of doing it instead and use a behavior action to filter view by row key in the nested table to save the Sync Time.

Is there a better way than this and if not then how to have the dropdown shows the label rather than the ID but when I select it stores the Key instead.


When uding REF it will always select the key of the other table, but if you set the field you want (on the other table) to be ‘Label’ it will show that one in the dropdown.

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Have you tested Enum field with a type of Ref?

What makes you think this?

Please explain further. If using a Ref column, the column will receive the key column value of the referenced row. That’s how Ref columns work.

Make the column you want displayed the label column.

I don’t think so but can you please show me an example for that.

Thank you in advance