Reverse reference not displaying in form

Hello - I am trying to duplicate the display highlighted in the image below. Basically an Orders table with a related OrderDetails table. For some reason the Related OrderDetails virtual column will not display as a sub-form in the main Order form, even though I have it included in the column list for the Order form. The image is from an app where this works fine. I created a new app with a similar order process and had this working fine. For some reason it stopped appearing and I have not been able to trace the problem. I’ve recreated the exact setup in both apps and double, triple and quadruple checked everything I could but with no success.

Any assistance in where to look first would be appreciated.


First make sure the OrderDetails table (or slice) allows Adds.

If you used AppSheet’s “Is Part of” setting on the proper OrderDetails table column then everything should be setup for you automatically.

But, If you have manually created, or have modified, the “Related OrderDetails” column make sure the following are correct:

If this all still look correct, then we will need to drill into other details of your specific implementation to see what’s happening.

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Hi John - thank you. I’ve been through each item on your list and they all check out. I have the settings as you describe them.

Can I give you more information that might help?


Hi John - I’m looking at the App Formula note in your reply. In my case the Parent table is Orders and the Child is OrderDetails. Is the correct formula REF_ROWS(“OrderDetails”, “OrderID”) or should the reference be to the Orders table?

John that is the issue. I referenced the wrong table in the Ref_Row expression. Thank you for taking the time to look at this in detail and point me to this area. I did look at it but in my head it seemed to make sense :slight_smile:
Cheers and be safe

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John I was a bit hasty - the change did not correct things. I’m back to square 1 - :frowning:

Sorry for confusion

Sorry to hear that. Did you create the “Related OrderDetails” Virtual column yourself or did AppSheet create it automatically for you after using the “Is Part Of” property on the child table?

Is this checked ?

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That’s a good question. I may have done it myself and added the Is Part Of property after the fact. I’m considering starting the app from scratch. I’ve made so many changes due to the fact that I’m learning the platform and working through the flow of the app as I try it out.

Do you think a fresh start might be useful? I have not deployed the app yet and its very small. Might be a chance to make sure the key pieces work before adding any Actions or Workflow rules.


I would restart. With what you know from this experience, will probably take you 15-30 mins this time

All you really should need to do, at least for this issue, is delete the Virtual Column. Then go to the Order # column in the child table OrderDetails (or whichever column has the key back to the parent Order table) and set its details as specified by @OptimiX_XcrY - A REF type column and turn on “Is Part of” property. Save to make sure all is okay then add the newly generated Virtual Column into your view.


Hey guys - thank you for the support. I decided to rebuild as it would give me a chance to clean up some sloppy editing and bits of unused routines from my learning as I go method of development.

Everything is starting to take shape and its looking much better. Still work to do but I’m happy with the progress. I’m sure there will be some hitches along the way - we may chat again. :slight_smile:

Cheers from Canada…
Be safe