Revive "Go to detail view" action as one of the options to set to "Row selected action"

As far as I remember correctly, we have “Go to Detail View” action as one of the listed items for action to apply “Row select” action to fire as a part of view setting.

Now it is gone.

Likely explicitly removed.

I wish it to revive.

Yes, Auto could be interpretted as default which is just open detail view though.

This was introduced in the card view,

inside all other views (table, deck, gallery, etc.) it’s always been auto.


Those who stayed with Appsheet know what AUTO is likely to be.
But for the rest, definitely no idea.

I m not sure why it was removed.

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I agree that “auto” is definitely not self-explanatory.



Thanks Matt taking your precious time to take screenshot. As far as we see such a quick comprison, we see the inconsistancy, which is not user-friendly.
card view say Go to Detail, rest is just saying AUTO.
Even me, I wonder what AUTO will nicely do for me… :thinking:

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Go to Detail was something Morgan chose when he created card views. All the other view types predated Morgan.

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”Morgan!! Come back!!! (with it) :cry:


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