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I am having difficulty copying my app to my database - MySQL.

I am getting an error: the configuration of the database cells does not support a 50+ characters.

So I write a Query to expand the cell to large format and copy the app again and the error this time is:

The table ‘Products’ already exists.

Anyone have an idea how to get around this?

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I saw you posted on MySQL before and its very informative.

I’ve done most all of what you’ve described in your previous post of how to copy into a MySQL database…

but Im getting hung up on the part where you say, Check your column names in a way that they dont contain space or any special char.

Also how do you set the max limit of 512 to your text type columns.

  1. So I do have space in my column names.

Will that prevent it from copying? 2. How do you set the max limit of 512 to your text type columns.

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#1 Probably yes #2 Open the column’s defition and you will see an option called “Maximum length”

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#1 SQL syntax does not accept space in column names. Therefore you should prevent any spaces in your column names. I may advise using an underscore (_) instead of space. #2 When you expand any of your text columns’ structure, you will notice the MaxLength and MinLength properties.

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Is MySQL the same as SQL in that regard … spaces and column structure

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