Rich Text Formatting - in Preview Program

I admit I have been struggling with understanding ways users would use these new formatting capabilities. I don’t think many end user would even know about the possible tags - let alone expect to be able to manually insert them. At least not in the apps I have been building. Maybe allowing these inline tags are a step towards some type of editing tool coming in the future??

But…as @Jonathon and @Steve have pointed out…allowing this Rich Text in Column Descriptions and in Show columns would be a BIG plus in the look and feel of Text within an app!!


In addition to use CSS for this to control the style, I wish to use tab to let the inline contents horizontally centered with just a center tag alone. Thank you.

Possible useful tag which is currently not in the list could be tag as well

Hi @tsuji_koichi ,

You are correct, this feature is more towards low code.

In my humble opinion, in general, a no-code and low code or even high code could exist together and serve well for all users.

I think that principle is used by many widely used office and work automation platforms. One could use Excel or Gsheet on its own with just simple to complex spreadsheet formulas and also take it to next level with VBA or GAS. Both elementary and advanced users use a spreadsheet as per their needs from simple to- do list to spreadsheet-based inventory management and dashboards and now as a backend database for mobile apps.

Word and PowerPoint have many advanced features such as mail merge/ slide automation and so on that can be optionally used.

There are many website-building platforms that allow a total WYSIWYG website development with options to add HTML/CSS etc. for those who wish to add their own flavor.


I understand rich long text fields can be displayed on detail view only for now but it would be better at least it is also be rendered on dashboard view, as it is quite common that we place detail view within dashboard as a part of elements.

Currently, it is looking like this.


Absolutely! The behavior should be consistent in Detail and Form views no mater where and how they are presented.


Absolutely! The behavior should be consistent in Detail and Form views no mater where and how they are presented.

Yes, this would be very useful. It would be very nice if this worked when you have these views in a dashboard at least.

It would also be very useful to be able to control the table width.

In Dashboard view

In Detail view


AppSheet expressions are definitely not “no-code”.

JSON used for webhooks are not no-code.

Automation is not no-code.

No-code, by definition, means no arcane knowledge needed, that anyone with common knowledge can be effective with the tool. Only the most trivial of apps can be constructed with AppSheet with a no-code skillset.


Hi @Amy

We tested and confirm img tag is working with the rich text feature, but the problem we observe is generally having the same problem as table tags.

The image size is not optimized and maintain original dimension which is not good. We wish to control the width of image regardless of the original image size is , for instance, to fit the detail view width also regarless of the device, mobile, desktop whatsoever.

Possibly the best solution is you set the image width to fix to the width by default.
Thank you.


I will agree with this enthusiastically when the ‘show’ column is improved. Right now, however, there are several problems with the appearance of the show column that make me want to avoid it:

When those problems are fixed (and the appearance of show columns can be made to conform with that of other columns when necessary) I think the show column will become an extremely powerful tool.


AppSheet is great but, personally, I have long felt that the no-code description is misleading. In comparison to other “low code” platforms, AppSheet may be closer so “no code.” I don’t know about that but I find @Steve’s comments consoling because I’ve had lots and lots of trouble learning the AppSheet platform. If it were really “no code,” I feel like that would make me a bit stupider than I really am. :wink:


I have two reports to make. The first one is positive and the second is of a problem.

  1. List function works nicely in my app! :slight_smile:

I had a part of my app that looked like this:

Screen Shot 2021-08-15 at 14.07.44

This is the Japanese side of a bilingual part of the app but the formatting issue is the same. As you can see, I wasn’t able to indent. Also, I had to be careful to keep each item short because text wrapping would make it look even worse. Now it looks like this:

Screen Shot 2021-08-15 at 14.09.34

Yippee! Much better! The use of tags instead on actual line breaks also saves vertical space in my Google sheet. Lots of things to be happy about! :slight_smile:

  1. Links in text not working on my iPhone

Here’s the code:

To use your <i>app</i> on a computer, open <a href=""></a> in your browser,

I looks fine on all of my devices:

Screen Shot 2021-08-15 at 14.19.45

And, it works properly on my computer and on a Android device. On my iPhone, however, I get this when I try to tap on the link:

P.S. All of this was done in physical columns, not virtual ones.


I was wondering why I hadn’t noticed this post earlier and now I know – there’s a problem with the “What’s New” section of the community website:

Announcements.2021-08-15 15_38_30

“MySQL - Support” has been at the top in the “Latest” category for a while now but the original post was 16 days ago and the last comment was 4 days ago. This post is newer by any measure and, in fact, if one clicks on the orange “Announcements” link, one gets this:

I’m glad to know the workaround but one shouldn’t have to know a special trick to find the latest information. I hope someone can fix this.

P.S. Thanks to @tsuji_koichi for telling me about this new feature in another thread. Otherwise, it might have taken me even longer to find it, even though I made a point of checking “What’s New” from time to time.


I totally agree with you and @Steve
Even the “simple” public app I made has Actions that are complex.

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As much as I want the ability to create rich text, this is not the way to go - in my opinion. My users will never enter html or markdown symbols to create formatted text.

They need to ability to have basic rich text editing features on long text fields.

What will happen to data created using html or markdown language when we eventually get the rich text editing feature. Or is true rich text not in the plans?


Clicking there is equivalent to searching with this:

#announcements tags:new

It depends on the “new” tag. I’d agree that that is not optimal, but “something wrong with it” is not really correct. I’d advise just clicking on the Announcement category directly (or any category), and it should default to being sorted by latest.



Also peep this:

I think we can all agree the new summary is much better. (^_^)

<table> will be epic

  • Consolidated views… here we come!

The code for anyone interested:
    <td>Start Time</td>
   	<td>End Time</td>
    <td> | </td>
  	<td>", text([Log_Start_Date], 'YYYY'), "</td>
    <td>", text([Log_Start_Date], 'MMM'), "</td>
  	<td>", Day([Log_Start_Date]), "</td>
    <td>", text([Log_Start_Time], 'H:MM AM/PM'), "</td>
    <td>", if(isnotblank([Log_Close_Time]), text([Log_Close_Time], 'H:MM AM/PM'), '(((ON-GOING)))'), "</td>
    <td> | </td>
    <td>", [Log_Duration], "</td>
    <td>$", [Log_Cost], "</td>

Small moonwalker


How’s it look on a phone screen?

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Technically, table width will exceed the view width (mobile) then we should see the horizontal direction slider to move right and left, rather than “fit with”… Looks not good.


Thanks @Marc_Dillon ! This is helpful. I looked at the URL and see that the tag you indicated is there. So, I’d like to request that @Amy add the “new” tag to this post and that other announcements get the “new” tag when they are first posted as well. Otherwise, I think that others will get the impression that there are no “new” announcements to read when there really are.

Có cách nào để căn giữa các cột không?

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