Rich Text Formatting - in Preview Program

Post #22 above shows the html syntax for creating a table with 2 columns. Will that help?

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This rich text formatting feature is a big step forward for me. Thanks again!

I’d like to point out one tiny way in which the editor interface might be improved to prevent creators from wasting time with mistakes. Currently, it’s possible to choose “HTML” even though the column type is not “long text”:

If “Markdown” and “HTML” could be greyed out when the file type is not long text, that would prevent careless errors of the sort I just made myself.

By the way, I hope rich text formatting will definitely become a permanent part of the platform. If not, it’s going to take me a while to undo all of the html I have added.


If it’s well formatted can make a complete print from detail view to print

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I use Onboarding views for Instructions. It would be great to have Rich Text in that view.


I tested target atributes like this but it did not work as expected.

> <a href='' target='_self'>Link</a>

_self should open the target page on the same tab, but actually it opens new tab for the moment.

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@Amy If you could also include strikethrough, that would be helpful for rendering lists with stuff complete.


Hello. In Map Detail View don’t work. The longtext display the html tags inside text.

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Thank you very much @Amy for this new feature.
In our App we receive error messages sent from heating systems. They come by e-mail and often are in html format. Like “To see the status of the heating system click here”.
Before, we connected the emails with Zapier to our AppSheet App. But the message came as plain text and any “click here” was not clickable.
Now we can send html text to our AppSheet App and the user can see the email as it looks in outlook.
That’s very cool.
By the way: Now we use Integromat instead of Zapier.

Since E-Mails also have a header, I had to remove the header via RegEx to only get the body:

If not, the message would start like this in AppSheet:

<meta />

Maybe you could remove the header automatically?

I also had to remove tags like these via RegEx: