Right click for action name

It used to be possible to drag an action in the editor to find out what its name is:

That trick, however, is no longer works.

If it’s an inline action, you can copy the text for the app’s page and then, when you paste it, you’ll have the action name. That doesn’t seem to be possible, however, with overlay or “display prominently” actions.

It would be very nice to be able to copy the name of the the action in the editor. Currently, if you right click on an action your get something link this, which doesn’t help you figure out what you called this action:

Screen Shot 2020-09-18 at 12.13.29

However, in normal HTML, a right click will allow you to copy the link:

Image taken from:

So, perhaps AppSheet could be set up so that text containing the name of the action could be copied via a right click. If that would not be particularly hard to do, I think it would be very useful for people like me with complicated apps with lots of actions.


P.S. I would say that, considering both the number of reviews and the average rating on the web page I introduced above, AppSheet is the leader of the leaders for no code app building platforms in 2020! :slight_smile: I’m making this feature request in the hope that AppSheet will continue to get more and more awesome.