Risk Analysis App: controlling analysis creat...

(ControlProcess Pav) #1

Risk Analysis App: controlling analysis creation, analysis change and NEW analysis.

Hello all. I am creating a Risk Analysis App.

When a New Risk is created, you can create several analysis, to keep track of how the risk evolves, how you are dealing with that risk with Action Plans, etc.

So, I want to create a new analysis of it. (Probability x Consequence giving me a Risk Impact)

I need to record the time the analysis was first created.

But user may not be able to finish it immediately, so I want to know when user returned to edit it.

(if I track only when the analysis was created, user may create a new analysis and take months to analyze a risk that may jeopardize the company, and then only after months edit it and make the analysis

if I track only when user edited it, then I guess user would be able to change the time limit for Next Analysis and we would never know)

So, how exactly do I work with time stamping in those two different ways? One that changes once and never again, and the other that changes with each edit?

Ok, so I created a new risk analysis and set 2 months to analyze it again. After 2 months, I should make a new analysis. Notice however that I do not want to edit the old analyzis. I want to create a NEW analyzis, but maybe I want to have the same data from the old one and change it.

Can I do that? Can I choose to create a new item COPYING the old one? (of course, changing the key and timestamps)

(Steven Coile) #2

I use two columns: [cwhen], to record when the record was created, and [mwhen] to record when it was last modified.

For [cwhen], the Initial value is set to =now and Editable_If is =false. Initial value is only ever evaluated when the record is created. Setting Editable_If prevents the user from modifying this timestamp should it ever be exposed.

For [mwhen], App formula is =now(). App formula (of a physical column) is evaluated whenever a record is modified. A column with an App formula is inherently not editable.

(Aleksi Alkio) #3

You can copy the existing record with an action button.