Route line on maps - GPX / KML file I'm prot...

(Rob Marriott) #1

Route line on maps - GPX / KML file

I’m prototyping a walking route app for my local community. All working well with accommodation, landmarks and waypoints. Everyone who’s seen appSheet is really impressed.

The one thing that I’m missing / can’t find is the ability to add a route line to the map. Ideally it would be a link to a GPX/KML file stored in a Google Sheet or a file selected within the app and just like a photo.

I’ve read a couple of older posts but not seen a solution. Is it possible, a future feature or something that’s not going to happen?

Thanks for your time and help

(Philip Garrett) #2


This an interesting idea, but we do not currently support this capability.

I am not aware of any plan to implement this in the short term but @praveen may wish to comment.

(Rob Marriott) #3


Thanks for the update - that’s a shame as I know that it would enhance the scope and reach of AppSheet. As a developer

I know that technically it’s easy to add a KML file overlay or series of co-ordindates to a Google map.

Does anyone know of a partner or developer who has figured how to add a route/polyline line to the map within AppSheet? Or is there an option to assist funding development?

Fingers crossed…