Route line on maps - GPX / KML file I'm prot...

Route line on maps - GPX / KML file

I’m prototyping a walking route app for my local community. All working well with accommodation, landmarks and waypoints. Everyone who’s seen appSheet is really impressed.

The one thing that I’m missing / can’t find is the ability to add a route line to the map. Ideally it would be a link to a GPX/KML file stored in a Google Sheet or a file selected within the app and just like a photo.

I’ve read a couple of older posts but not seen a solution. Is it possible, a future feature or something that’s not going to happen?

Thanks for your time and help


This an interesting idea, but we do not currently support this capability.

I am not aware of any plan to implement this in the short term but @praveen may wish to comment.


Thanks for the update - that’s a shame as I know that it would enhance the scope and reach of AppSheet. As a developer

I know that technically it’s easy to add a KML file overlay or series of co-ordindates to a Google map.

Does anyone know of a partner or developer who has figured how to add a route/polyline line to the map within AppSheet? Or is there an option to assist funding development?

Fingers crossed…

Hello Rob,

Just curious if you were ever able to make this happen.