Route Planning Support

Hi, I’m currently building a delivery app which grabs the jobs from the sheet, allows me to mark them as delivered, Sign for them and other aspects which are needed to make sure that we know where to go next etc.

I’m struggling with a few things though such as route optimisation, Route guidance, time to deliver, distance from current location to longlat in delivery detail etc.

My first question is, is it possible for the app to create an overall delivery list, i.e. it looks at the sheet creates a list of of the best route using google maps then orders them in that order based on your current location

MY second question then is, Using google maps, Can it create an expected time that i would get from A to Z, i.e. on the homepage it shows the overall name and says that this driver will be on the road for 7 or 8 hours and as we add or remove from the list, that increase and decreases, kind of like an total delivery hours?

Thanks in advance for any help :slight_smile: