Row Disappearing

Hi, I’m trying to add a new record to the app.
When I add the record through the system action ‘add’ and save it disappears from the app/table data in a few seconds.

All updates are allowed.

The table is empty so wouldn’t have a duplicated key.

The Request Reference is the key which is a UNIQUE ID value.

Would there be any other reason for this happening?

It sounds as if there is some sort of automation running that is deleting the row as soon as it’s added?

I assume you are adding your new record using a form?

Can you confirm that the record briefly appears in your table/sheet behind the scenes and then disappears ?

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Hi, yes I am using a form to add new record.
I just tested again and on this occassion it didn’t appear but when I tested yesterday it was appearing and disappearing in front of me… so not sure what is happening now.

When I have the spreadsheet open it doesn’t even appear as though the office365 source is present in the excel file, which makes me think its something to do with the permissions on the document but the source is an owner?

If its disapeering in the app (and not the spreadsheet) then its probably something to do with the key column

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The key column is a unique id, i have the unique id as the inital value so it is automatically generated.

Type is text value, there are no records in the table yet so it isn’t a duplicate issue :confused:

The spreadsheet is not being updated with the new record at all

I found out the issue was very simple after all, I had accidentally left the app in recovery mode so I returned to normal and it was added successfully. :slight_smile: