Row Filter Condition not working

My Row Filter conditions for a slice just seems to be broken. No matter what I put on that box, once I save, the ammount of data on the slice doesn’t changes.
I’m trying to prototype a “problem cards” data, where you can add a problem in the “Audit” slice, and you can add the solution on the “Por Arreglar” slice, where you can only see entries that hasn’t been solved.

Here’s a SS from the data, being green=Audit and salmon color=Por Arreglar.
I’m sorry that my data is in spanish (I’m from Chile)

It happens that I first tried this condition:
ISBLANK([Encargado Cierre])
I can not upload more screen shots (New user :stuck_out_tongue: ), but the amount of data in the slice stills being 4 entries.

I tried many different conditions untill I just got bored and tried this one:

Then, with 4 entries again, I understood that something i’m making is fundamentally wrong… I googled a little bit and read on this forum but nothing is enlightening me :frowning:

Thanks for reading and sorry for my english that is a little rust.

Make sure the view you’re using to look at your data in the app is configured to use your slice.


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Well, this is quite embarrassing, but it worked.

Thank you very much!!!

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