Row Filter Condition on slice not working

I cannot seem to find an answer that helps with my issue: I have a ref column (Facility) to a slice (refFacility). I am trying to display (in read only status) just the “A” facilities. It is displaying the Key field of those records that are “I” status…I am so confused as to why this is not working…Screen shots below:

Do you have a valid_if or suggested values expression set for the [Facility] Ref column?

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I just have the sorting in the Valid If:


And, why would I need the Valid If … shouldn’t the slice handle it?

Your expression in Valid_If is pulling in all key values from the base table, not just the slice ones, but since the Ref is pointed to a slice, certain key values don’t have any valid reference links, thus they appear with the yellow exclamation.

Change tblFacility to refFacility in the valid_if expression, and you should be good to go.


BRILLIANT! Thank you so much…